Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Democrats Save HB3

Warren Chisum laid out an amendment that had it been adopted would have been the death knell to HB3. Thirty six Democtats voted to table the ammendment. It was quite clear that this amendment was totally unacceptable to a large block of Republicans, most in leadership positions.

The democrats are generally opposed to HB3 and most plan to vote against it. In my opinion the end result is the most important, that is killing HB3, why would one not support an amendment that would guarantee the death of the bill, even if you were philosophically opposed to the amendment. That would be smart political strategy.

Until we learn to think strategically we will continue to loose. Nobody will remember that we voted for an amendment that raised taxes if the bill it was amending did not pass. It was clear that there were enough Republicans that would have joined the Democrats in voting against HB3. I hope these philosophically voting democrats know who to blame as they watch a bad bill pass despite there no vote on the bill.

Lets wake up!

Republicans Looking Out For The Poor

Several Republican leglislators are sounding like they really care about the low income having to pay taxes on electricity. I find this inconsistent with there usual position. Could it be that they are carrying the water for the utility giants who fear that a tax on electricity will result in a decrease in usage by the average Texan.

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