Monday, May 16, 2005


Whats taking so long?


Tray Martinez-Fisher had a six part point of order that would have killed the bill and send it back to committee. Considerable research had to be done to back up over ruling his point of order. Tray was informrd that his point would be over ruled.

Hartnett has been under pressure by leadership to not run with his abortions amendments. But he is commited to this issue. He will most likly accept a couple of amendments to the amendments to soften it a little.

Senfronia has raised a point oforder on the bill because the speaker over ruled her point on Hartnett's amendment. This point was also overruled. He has two amendments one regarding trimester abortions and the other on parental consent
Unless sanity prevails in the Senate, Hartnett's bloody travesty of an amendment to virtually outlaw humane and medically necessary abortion procedures will result in a bloody travesty of health care for women.

Arguing that severely ill pregnant women should be condemned to major organ failure, Hartnett actually told Beverly Woolley, "You can live without anything but a brain."

If he's right, we heard a dead man talking.
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